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We are a family with an athlete in MMA a Dance teacher and Physical Education & Sport Science. We are trying to improve the body of our clients the mobility and health! then we discover a common denominator. All the bodies we stiff and lack of mobility 

how it started!

In the beginning of 2018 I had a client in the gym, a dentist. He didn’t have much free time so he visited the gym only 2 times per week, for an hour. He was a strong man and he could lift lots of weights, but his muscles were really stiff, especially his legs due to the fact that he had to stand for 8 hours straight to attend to his clients. We started training and learning about free weights! Up until that time, everything was fine. When we got to try the squats, we discovered the lack of mobility due to the inflexibility of the muscles and we noticed that even if he had strength, he couldn’t perform the movement. Thus, we set strengthening aside for a while and we started focusing more on stretching and mobility exercises. Everything was going as planned, until he had to take up on a few serious cases which led to him spending about 12 hours a day in his office and that way we lost all progress in just 4 days. In the following  training session he told me that the assisted mobility exercises really helped him and he always felt better after, but he couldn’t attend the gym more frequently cause he also had 3 children to take care of. And that’s how the MX was founded! Mr Vasilis was over-worked so he needed assistance with stretching and mobility on a daily basis, so after a couple of days I brought him the prototype, showed him 4 specific exercises and hoped for positive outcome. After 3 weeks of still having a tight schedule, but using the MX stretching tool, we were able to focus on our initiative goal, the free weights! Mr Vasilis had full mobility and relaxed leg muscles, so we could carry on with our program. One day, after finishing training, he told me “Don’t leave the idea just like that, start selling that tool! There are lots of people out there that need it, just like I did!”

why mx !

Additional information about MX Muscle Xtension:

MX Muscle Xtension is a piece of equipment created to assist a person in taking their flexibility to the next level in order to improve quality of movement through stretching multiple muscle groups such as hamstrings, gastrocnemius (calf muscle), adductors, erector spine (lower back), gluteus maximus (glute muscle).

By using recommended exercises frequently, MX Muscle Xtension can help boost recovery, minimize soreness and lessen fatigue. Being an easy and convenient piece of equipment to carry means you can work on your flexibility anywhere, whether you are a professional athlete or just beginning your fitness journey this is a perfect aid to assist in flexibility training.

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