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It has been observed that a lot of people train with hypertrophy programs for various reasons!
To help all these practitioners in their program, we mention a couple of things that will help!
Almost all hypertrophy programs have the characteristic of having a very short break after large loads or have continuous exercises with a very short break or in some cases, not at all!
During hypertrophy training, there is a very large increase in lactate in the muscles! This is called physical and psychological stress. If you notice that you can’t complete the sets and repetitions of your program after a good night’s sleep you may have overworked your body ! Try to rest for a week by doing a relaxed workout, go to sleep early if this is possible, to help your body recover! In order not to do this again, this training should be gradually introduced in the programming by lowering the recovery time between sets week by week!

Last but not least if there are signs of increased fatigue do not forget the periodization of your workouts (the week of discharge within 4-5 weeks)

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