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It has been observed that a lot of people train with hypertrophy programs for various reasons!To help all these practitioners in their program, we mention a couple of things that will help!Almost all hypertrophy programs have the characteristic of having a very short break after large loads or… Read More »hypertrophy

adout mobility…

Try to increase your range of motion(ROM) in the joints, especially ball and socket joints. This is the best way by stretching the muscles surrounding that joint as the muscles loosen, allowing more movement in that area. Depending on your goals when training, you can then work with… Read More »adout mobility…

did you know..

The muscles on the back of the body are tighter because they work all day to support our torso. This means they become very stiff so it is important to stretch out in order to According to Janda this happens more often in the lower back trapezius (shoulders… Read More »did you know..

stretching for movement

The main reason we do stretching are to deal with stiffness, avoid shortening and increase muscle activity. With the elasticity of the muscles results a full range of motion in the joints correct kinematic chain in all activities!

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